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My story begins like many before me. After I was beamed down to this planet from the mothership and taken in by an nice Earth family, I grew up and went to college.  Easy.  This thing that I do some people call "djaying" came into my life at a pretty crucial time.  I was a sophomore at university, not really knowing what I was doing.  I had always had a pretty intense obsession with music  - more specifically strange records off all genres, album cuts and B sides that you'll probably never hear (unless you're a nerd).  I had radio shows (pirate internet in high school, official radio waves in college).  But there was a disconnect from the audience that didn't leave me entirely fulfilled (I did love it though).  In retrospect, I figured out that there was never had a true medium for me to channel my obsession and my "need" to be around people dancing and having fun.

So, blah blah blah, years later a pair of technics and a mixer came into my possession and it's been somewhat of a love/hate serious addiction ever since.  At first I thought I wanted to be a DMC World Champion because I'm from Philly and the only DJs I cared about up to that point were Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Excel and the Skratch Makaniks. And I also thought that if you didn't know how to scratch,  what were you doing. And I scratched through many-a crossfaders (in my room) but I realized there was an even smaller niche for that than there was for the weird records I played.  So I made a choice to focus on dance floors and I never looked back.  So countless big clubs, small clubs, dance clubs, bottle service clubs and dirty ass grimy basements later, I'm here, with you.  

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